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12 - 31 srpnja 2007

About Milan Zoricic

Milan Zoricic was born on January 8th, 1955 in Drnis (Croatia). The following year, his family moves to the nearby city Knin on the shore of the River Krka, with its landmark historical fortress. Milan spends his childhood here, breathing the air thick with history in a place where a variety of dominations (French, Turkish, Venetian, Austrian) have left their meaningful marks. Their traces live on within the city walls, as well as within those living in their shadow, amidst the walkways and bastions, the ravines and glimpses of uncontaminated nature where the harsh karstic landscape and the green sweetness of the mouth of the Krka meet.
His first significant works are composed at the age of 15. In 1973, having completed secondary school, he signs for a major in Architecture at the University of Zagreb. His demanding studies do not prevent him from continuing to paint and he comes into contact with great contemporary Croatian artists like Tartaglia, Micheli, Vanista, all of whom encourage and support his artistic inclinations. He holds his first exhibition in 1975 in Zagreb where he is reviewed by Prof. A. Mohorovic.
An intense period of artistic activity follows and he holds around a dozen exhibitions, mostly in Croatia. In 1988, he becomes a member of the Croatian Artist Association (HDLU); in June 1991, he holds his first personal exhibition in Italy, where he has lived and worked ever since.
During this time, he deepens his knowledge of Renaissance art, visiting the major artistic cities and learning fresco techniques without, however, taking away from his young but intense artistic past. Since then, fresco has become his preferred artistic expression every shown here, as well as all the works of his latest exhibitions, have in fact been done with this technique.




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