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00130Gallery have also worked and will work in the future with following artists:                                                                                                     

AneLan                                                                                                       GRUPPO  SINESTETICO                                                                                  RachelWilberforce                                                                               
 Beguet Chloe                                                                                            PaulaMuhr                                                                                       ChristelleLavastre                                                                                      AgricoladeCologne                                                                              LauraParnes                                                                      
00130Gallery´s  video work library :


MTAA-RR (USA) :       

Pirated Movie, Infinite Phil

Luna Nera video works(UK/GER):

word of the artist, the white rabbit, psychiatric sentence/weimar, the bride, the derelict sensation, la mort toujours, painting machine, return to dada, interconnection/history is now

Atomic Elroy(USA):

3-3´s are 9:

(Parkers Idea, Eye of God, Number Seq.,Total Eclipse Of The Moon, Un Chie Andalou 2, Empire 2)

Six More:

(I Left My Heart...,Before I Came To N.Y,V202 performance, Man Ray, The Ten Things, What Videoartists Do...)

Schiesse FilmStar live at Le Discotheque

Robert Boyd(USA):

Heaven´s little Helper, Patriot Act

Lauri Hiekkala(FIN):

Come together

Ane Lan(NOR):

Europe, Amerika, Reiner Rotefeld Perf., Elegi, The Carpentrial Son, Ane Lan.

Chloe Beguet(FRA):

 L'enfant qui comtait les moutons (animation)

Gruppo Sinestetico(ITA):

anche le Parole, Spiral, Acircuitochiuso






Julian Ronnefeldt(UK/GER):

Last Supper, Digital Alchemist, Connect and Collaborate, Fly Away


 Bubbles, Breath Under Water, Honeybyte

Michelle Handelman(USA):

Folly + error, Candyland, I C U +  collection of Michelle Handelmans work

Maria G. Ocanto(USA):    

Cell, Will You Juggle For Me?, Pythia

Bo Lee(USA):

Gone Filter, RGAS, She now lives in my apartment, My love


Swing, Alku_E, For Love

Paula Muhr(SERBIA):

Inventing Solitude(Still Photo serie)

Rachel Wilberforce(UK):

Sponsored Hijack

Agricola de Cologne(GER):

Home near, Home so far, House of Tomorrow, Message from behind the wall, (Dis)tortion projected, Truth-paradise found, Inability of being nude

Lane Last (USA)

Ancient Rhythm, Structual Myopia, Slow Eyes,Sir Isaac´sone Good Eye

Jason Jagello(FRA)

Slaughterhouse of the west, The sacrificial procession



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