The BauForm (Portal of Contemporary Art) on June 2010, with this initiative, wants to build the second phase of its growth has long been planned.

That is why within this area will take turns, gradually, other artists with their personal Anthological, Museums collections and Foundations collections exhibitions online.
The exhibitions will run for 30 days, but will remain online indefinitely, alwais available for viewing by any person and stored in the calendar of exhibitions BauForm.
The exhibition will be up to 75 photos of the works will be exhibited (paintings or sculptures) and audio-video works, performances, video art or whatever ...
The photographs should be sent to and must have a maximum size of cm.
15x15 and a resolution of 96 dpi.
The video, audio, performances recorded on video and so on. Must be already published and online portals such as:,, or similar, from which you can easily copy the "Embed" reference, video or audio you want to expose, "Be careful because the URL is not required: 
http://vids.myspace....ecc. but just the" Embed "<fontface =" Verdana ", etc ....".

Once copied and posted, you can send the exhibition by mail - including the following sentence. 

"With prayer kind of publication in BauForm, Home for Contemporary Art - and or into other internet space publication want.
This statement should be included in the paper work submited, signed and included a photocopy of a valid document of the artist concerned.

Carefully  the artists will send, with the works, a critical presentation outlining their work in two languages, Italian and English that will be sent, inserted in the press release via e-mail list of BauForm throughout the world.

The participation of artists with their  staff Anthological exhibition is free. However, we ask you a unique piece of your works as single payment of works, original piece, not a multiple of their production works and this goal is to continue to enrich the collected works of BauForm (Saletta Exhibition) to: either to leave traces of the exhibition, the artist proposed BauForm Portal, but also to continue to achieve, even offsite, and / or the permanent seat showroom Sardinia, exhibitions aimed at making the popular collection of BauForm, as if the last one held by SWEATER LTD. August 2009.
The work donated by the author, should be sent to:
Giosuč Marongiu, City Piscina Nuxedda 09040 Maracalagonis (Cagliari), by including the phone number 347.6231802, at least one week before the opening of the exhibition online.

 To organize an annual calendar of exhibitions, who is interested in it, should submit their application at always, with you CV and some photos of their works, also the maximum size and resolution mentioned above.

It is responsibility of BauForm notify the entry, the artist or Museum/Foundation, pointing to the  due date of the event.

The Curator
Giosuč Marongiu