From the "global village" Yesterday the "global city" today divided by a periphery devastated by poverty, hunger, wars, as opposed to a competition between new and old economy. This is now the world: one big city or, if you prefer, two-dimensional urban center and periphery, with its inhabitants intercollegati the telecommunications network where time is the space are relative. Before the radio linked the global village, now in the city overall operating the web. An opportunity for producers of perceptual forms that can now break down the barriers that hindered yesterday interactive communication. Encouraged by half, today 16 July 2002 put in the network "BauForm", hoping that the proposal be implemented. This will be a contribution to the realization of that project, now being completed, which sees the unification of all forms of communication summary (perceptual). Without limits creativity at work in this area try to be as a reference point indefinitely, because dynamic, and tends to change the superficiality because accomplished with the contribution of everyone sending e-mail with their thoughts, images, * text, sounds, for a subsequent inclusion in Google's, which is also yours, web space.
Maracalagonis 16 July 2002

Giosuč Marongiu