Museum of Geometric and Madi Art - Dallas, texas, USA,

This exhibit is funded by the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City of Dallas, Texas Commission on the Arts, and Kilgore Law Firm.

Movement, Light, Space, Time,
Dimension and Color New works by Geometric and MADI artists

The exhibit “Movement, Light, Space, Time, Dimension and Color: New works by Geometric and MADI artists” opens Friday, December 11 with a reception from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Curated by Saverio Cecere, this exhibit of small works by 55 artists from Europe, Japan and South America will also feature art by 15 Dutch artists whose work has never been seen in Dallas. These geometric works by successors to Mondrian include small standing and wall hung sculptures as well as brilliant geometric paintings.

Each of the artists participating was invited to consider the six words included in the title of the show as a path to understanding universal concepts and geometric abstaction. The relationship between the works included shows the divergence of these creative paths and where they meet again in spite of geo-cultural disparity.

The exhibit will run until March 7, 2010.

Featured Artists

Joao Carlos Galvao
Gonçalo Ivo

Ivan Contreras-Brunet

Hernán Jara

Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon
Nicole Guyhart
Juan Michelangeli
François Pierzou
Chris Popovic
Wolfgang Ulbrich
Martin Wörn

Saverio Cecere
Francesco Gallo
Pino de Luca
Gianni de Tora
Aldo Fulghignoni
Vittorio Fortunati
Ettore Le Donne
Alberto Lombardi
Enea Mancino
Renato Milo
Antonio Perrottelli
Marta Pilone
Mario Stuccuto
Giovanna Strada
Francesco Varlotta
Attilio Michele Varricchio

Muneki Suzuki

Henk Crouwel
Eef de Graaf
Rity Jansen Heijtmajer
Roland de Jong Orlando
Hans Kleinsman
Els van’t Klooster
Anneke Klein Kranenbarg
Andre van Lier
Cyril Lixenberg
Simon Oud
Roel Rolleman
Henk van Trigt
Jan Maarten Voskuil
Digna Weiss
Yahya Youssef
Piet van Zon

Ania Borzobohaty

Carmelo Arden Quin

William Barbosa
Romulo Contreras
Angel Hernandez
Inés Silva
Octavio Herrera