Antonio Sassu is present :

The Inaugural Walthamstow International Film Festival

3rd - 12th September 2010

video : Synesthetic Study (2' 42")

Film Festival




Title of film Name of Director E-mail

Somewhere, Elsewhere

David Anthony Sant

Influenced by abstract expressionist painting


Mikhal Bak & Fracois Vogel

Experimental exercise with special fx

Surrender the town

Chris Hite

Experimental film

Synesthetic Study

Antonio Sassu

Action time metered logic in Italy

Technically a Nightmare

James Gregory

A wayward technician at the end of his short fuse

Texas Hold ‘em Joker

Hannah Dockeray

A tale of a game playing addict

The EMD Cinema: London E17

McGuffin Film Society

The last showing at the EMD cinema

The Ethos of Growing Up

Danny Doherty

Poem by Tomas Bird

The Fools Pray

John Michell

Two trainee priests prepare for ordination but can they resist temptation?

The Illusionist

Amy Nicholls

Animated Optical Illusions

The Interview

Chris Cooper

An interview for a dream job doesn’t go as expected

The job interview

Nandor Otvos

Three women compete for a job before they’ve met the boss

The Library

Neil Meads

The campaign to save St James’ Public Library, Walthamstow

The Opera Singer

Nadav Soudry

An opera singer gives the performance of her life

The other side of the street

Kim Petterson

Rough sleepers on the street exchange a smile

The worst case scenario

Alicia Edwards

Heading home with a date to an unpredictable flatmate. What is in store?

Think before you speak

Alma Andreescu

Is this the perfect partnership?

Memories of Life (so far)

Andy Shenton

Mosaic memories of a life remembered

Time of the month

Caroline Giammetta

A small boy tries to unravel the mysteries of women

To be or not to be

Danny Doherty

Poem by Tomas Bird


Galder Arriaga Magunacelaya

Drops of water come alive

Vanishing Point

Rachel Wilberforce

The secret life of a theatre

Welcome to Guantanamo

Holiday Camp

Simon Jackson

Torpedo Buoy provides the backing track

Who more speak, lies more

Studio Batura Not supplied

Upbeat animation


Lucie Short

The refugee experience told in a unique way

Zombie Asockalupse

Paul Bruce

Dare you watch the Zombie Asockalypse?

Welcome to the first International Film Festival in Walthamstow. Running as part of the

E17 Arts Trail, this is the first time that Walthamstow has celebrated talent in cinema

since the glory days of the Hollywood cine studios, which were formerly based in the borough

and were the forerunners of their more famous counterparts Elstree, Pinewood and

Hollywood USA.

Aptly named "boutique" in style, this small but exciting cinematic event will take place in

retro furniture shop Beyca, at 83 Grove Road E17. The films will be shown over the ten

days of the festival on a specially commissioned vintage style 1950s television. All film

entries are 5 minutes in length or under and will be shown on a loop so that viewers can

watch as few or as many films that they like. With 90 films from international locations

such as Japan, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic and USA, as well as our own borough of

Walthamstow and neighbouring London boroughs, there is plenty to see, to appreciate and

enjoy. All foreign films are subtitled and all the content is suitable for family viewing.

Following the festival, the plan is to run film production, scriptwriting and film appreciation

workshops so be sure to register any interest at

We would like to extend our thanks to all of our unpaid volunteers, who worked tirelessly

to make the film festival happen, all of our judges, sponsors and supporters, to Lulu and

Rudy for giving up their summer holiday and to the generous public who bought the

I Walthamstow merchandise to fund the Festival Programme production.

Paul and Liza Fletcher,

Walthamstow International Film Festival Directors.

Designed by Ben How

The Inaugural Walthamstow International Film Festival

3rd - 12th September 2010