"Art is Immortal"

Artists have been  always pursueing the utopia of the search of Art Immortality and they have  been always looking for a good solution through the use of different matters, those most resistant that the technology has put at everybody disposal.

The Artists set their hope on the immortality of their works through the materials, but when the Spetialism asserted its authority, the search in that way had been neglected and Artists addresed themeselves to a conceptual and gestural poetics inside wich one can find a supposed immortality of the Art; considering anyway an insurmountable obstacle the problem of the material endurance of the work during  the eternity.

In the first Manifesto of 1947 they declar "Art is eternal, but it can not be immortal", that means that Art is destinated to be deteriorated by the time.

The Man, who has been always working hard for the conquest of the progress, is now able to help the Art to carry out this utopia.

In the Metarational Poetics, withis new support, Art becomes Immortal.

The possibility of move oneself in the space/time is now a factfor the "Metarationafile" Works which have changed that one that had been the definition of the matter till today.

The new metter, maden of bit,resides into the fillings of the conscept bt also into those of the gesture done throught the mouse, asserting its real existence. An inoxidizable existence to be kept in CD Rom or in a Hard Disk or into or into whatever optic/informatic support that can contain these immortal file, result of a severe mathematics and that when it's needed go to known destnations and in the sametime they cross the universe moving easily in a space/time.

This is a new Art that holds: the Concept; the Gesture; the Matter; the Moviment and the Sound, but it does not renounce a poetics of the emotions that borns in the mind of the Artist and that can show itself to everybody through a televisional imagine, an Ink Jett Print, a Projection into the impalpable space or in every other support that in the future should be invented by men to decode those bits of this inoxidizable and immortalArt.